Quotations Quick.

It is a pain to have to wait weeks for a price on a new agricultural building only to find it is way out of line with your expectation We try very hard to turn around pricing the same day, and if you catch us in the office sometimes even over the phone.

The price lists for our standard'Sterling' & 'Victory'  steel agricultural buildings are   here.   but the best way to get a price for your new building is simply to call us, or better still drop by in person (so we can soften you up with Hobnobs).   We like to be sure exactly what your requirement is and we are always happy to talk sheds.

We design and manufacture everything in our own workshops so we can construct anything you want from grain stores to riding arenas including bespoke extension and infill buildings. We are unique in giving a sensible quotation over the phone, 01785 851624 or 07445242361, the same day in most cases, and we will never, ever, mither you senseless with sales calls because thats just annoying.

Or you can email office@farmbuildings.info

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