Navigating through the regulations around agricultural buildings has caused strong men and women to lose the will to live, let alone put up a shed.

In this section we will attempt to help prevent you falling foul of the "Reggs".   The best way to do this is to know and understand the rules; which is something that local planning authorities often fail to do themselves when it comes to agricultural buildings.

By far the most frequently asked question we hear is: "do I need planning permission?"   The answers are here  Do I need Planning Approval?

Much less frequently comes the question: "Do I need to obtain Building Regulations Approval? you can check this out here

We very rarely hear anyone ask: "What about the Health and Safety Executive? and this is a biggie as you know fine well, "fine" being the operative word. We look at this here.

This information is provided to the best of our understanding and we recommend that you obtain professional advice before even getting up in the morning let alone erecting an agricultural building.

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